Yoga therapist. Certified yoga instructor of the central government of India, M.Sc in Yoga Therapy.

Practiced yoga at Satguru Yoga Ashram in Kerala since 2001, under his master Dr. Jaladharan's guidance.

Certified yoga instructor of International Yoga Academy. Diploma of Yoga Education in 2003.

Certified yoga Siromani and Acharya of the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre. Completed the Teacher's Training Course in 2004 and the Advanced Teacher's Training Course in 2005.

Completed the Yoga Instructor's Course at SVYASA (Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana) Yoga University in 2010.

Certified Vidya Sri of Yoga Vidya Ashram. Completed the Teacher's Training Course in 2011.

Completed Master of Science in Yoga Therapy program at SVYASA Yoga University in 2023.

Winner of national and international yoga competitions.

- Finalist, National Yoga Championship 2002
- 1st, International Yoga Mela 2003
- 2nd, Interstate Yoga Championship 2003
- 3rd, All India Yoga Championship 2004
- 1st, Tamilnadu State Level Yoga Championship 2005
- 1st, Tamilnadu State Level Yoga Championship 2006, etc

Diploma in Ayurveda Nursing and Panchakarma of BSS, the central government of India.

Yoga instructor at Morning University of Marunouchi (Marunouchi Asa Daigaku) since 2009.

- Yoga for Optimum Health, Oct-Dec 2009
- Yoga for Harmony and Peace, Apr-Jun 2010
- Yoga for Joy, Aug-Sep 2010
- Yoga for Transformation, Oct-Dec 2010
- Yoga for Equilibrium, Apr-May 2011
- Yoga for Letting Go, Oct-Dec 2011
- Yoga for Purity Within, Apr-Jun 2012
- Yoga for Simplicity, Jul-Sep 2012
- Yoga for Tranquility, Oct-Dec 2012
- Yoga for Clarity, Jul-Aug 2013

"KOKORO GA SUTTO KARUKU NARU HON (available in Japanese, on how to let go of thoughts & emotions)" published from Diamond, Inc., in 2013.

Teaching experiences at yoga ashrams/schools, high schools, TV programs, etc.

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Ayurveda, Indian traditional medicine with Kannan.